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Julie is a ginormous, 300+ lb, crimson-haired, jovial, mega-fat, round n’ raunchy fat girl, who has come to experience one of Jay’s legendary massages. He begins by burying his face in her fabulous, fleshy folds of fat both fore and aft, before having her lie face down on his table. After oiling her up, his magic fingers masterfully slide from shoulder to butt, but his love for his work is too obvious. Feeling his rock-hard prick bumping her head, she asks to suck it. Since the customer is always right, he lets her gluttonously suck his ginormous, dinosaur dick, with whorish relish, as she deep throats every stony inch down her gullet. Being the consummate professional, Jay continues massaging her back, butt, and G-spot, deeply within her carnal cavern, eliciting her rapturous groans. After flipping her onto her back, his deft fingers adroitly massage her phantasmagorical, overflowing rolls of fatty flesh, like a baker kneading dough. Next, he expertly uses a vibrator to massage her throbbing clit, making her moan, and cry out, with hedonistic exultation, which compels her to obsessively suck his colossal cock, to stifle her libidinous shrieks. Moving the vibrator to her internal G-spot, while he feverishly fingers her clit, unleashes a screaming, gut-wrenching orgasmic release. Although she is a satisfied customer, she surprises Jay by telling him that she is not done with him, and needs him to put his big dick to better use, but that is another scene.