A Thick, Thickk Rub-Down - Jeff's Models

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Amanda’s an enticing, large and lovely, big boobed, bodacious, brunette, heavy honey, who has come to Jay for one of his notorious, in-depth massages. Amanda’s jovial, sexually overt nature leaves Jay speechless, as he tries in vain to remain a professional masseur, while she puts his cock in her mouth, and buries his face in her big, beautiful butt. After she rolls onto her back, Jay worshipfully suckles on the pert nipples of her titanic tits, before letting her suck on his dinosaur dick, as her sexual pacifier. Then, he works a dildo into her voracious cunt, while fingering her clit, as she moans and groans ecstatically. Subsequently, he deftly massages her pulsating clit with a vibrator, while simultaneously massaging her G-spot with the dildo ushering in a slew of mind-boggling, jaw-dropping, screaming, soul-wrenching, primordial orgasms that will leave you breathless. In closing, with a wicked smile, she confesses she has taped Jay with hidden cameras, and threatens to blackmail him, if he does not return to service her regularly.