Angel's Sex Toy Spectacular - Jeff's Models

Channel: Jeff's Models

Sitting like a queen on her throne addressing her adoring subjects, this tall, platinum-blonde, BBW slut graciously thanks her fans and Jeff’s Models for their support explaining she is in Las Vegas for the AVN Awards, since she is nominated for best BBW video, and wants to have some fun, which will not stay in Vegas. Consequently, she felt compelled to give us a treat. So, after unfurling her ginormous fun-bags, she hypnotically twerks her humongous ass, showing off her new, heart-shaped tattoo. Then, using her fingers, vibrator, and a colossal dildo, she whips up a stupendous, gut-wrenching orgasm you have got to see. In closing, she shares her info to follow her online, then blows us a kiss goodbye.