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Our resident masseur, Jay, works over Sapphire’s corpulent fleshy mounds in order to work out some of the kinks left over from her week-end gang bang, but being the slut that she is, his stroking of her massive mammaries and kneading of the the doughy flesh of her wide open thighs, revealing her shaved, well-used poontang, only serve to excite her more. Of course, Jay’s compulsive need to lick her lascivious labia definitely leaves her wanting an even deeper release, so he whips out a vibrating dildo to really turn-on her cock socket, getting at those hard to reach places. Leaving no fold of flesh unexplored, Jay flips her over to massage her backside, pulling her ass cheeks far apart as his hands slide over them to expose the treasure hidden within the ample curves of her ass. Then applying his patented low back muscle release technique, he puts her into doggie to stretch her back muscles, while using his fingers, vibrator, and tongue to work on her cunt and asshole, which make this bitch scream with the orgasmic release that she so desperately craves, leaving her as yet another satisfied customer of Jay’s magic hands.