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Cami is a blonde, big boobed, happy go lucky, round 'n’ raunchy fat girl, who is seeking out one of Jay’s signature massages, to relieve all of her tension. Utilizing his masterful fingers and tongue, he gives her an in-depth exam to seek out all of her hidden pockets of tension, then has her lay face down on his table naked, as he oils her up, letting his magic hands deeply stroke her fabulous flesh, pulling out her pent up frustrations, as her euphoric moans fill the room. Once she is on her back, he oils up her front, squeezing her titanic tits to the bursting point, while teasing her pert nipples with his adroit tongue, before working his way down her bountiful belly fat, until he is spreading apart her bald hungry hooch, combing his oral prowess and frantic finger fucking, to elicit moaning ecstatic release. He then uses his a pink vibrator on her nipples, then clit to fan the flames of her smoldering desires into an inferno until his batteries go dead, so he brings out the mega magic wand that quickly fills her with sluttish glee, as she moans and groans, with hedonistic exuberance. Putting her in doggie to stretch out her back and butt muscles, Jay continues to massage her pussy with the magic wand, while expertly tonguing her asshole, releasing a moaning groaning deep seated orgasm, that leaves her lying on his table loose and limp, with a big satisfied smile on her face.