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Veruca is a tons-of-fun, tattooed, brunette corpulent cutie who has come to see Jay, the porn stars’ masseur, to ease her sore muscles incurred from doing too many sex scenes. After some Q&A, Jay administers his fondling exam to see where her tensions lie. He has lay face down on his table, naked, letting his magic fingers probe and prod her as he pin points where she holds her tension. Then he oils her up, deeply kneading her fatty flesh like a baker kneads dough, which elicits some appreciative groans from her. Paying special attention to her big beautiful fat ass, he pulls her ass cheeks apart using his patented ass licking and finger fucking technique to release her deep seated tensions as she moans with sluttish glee. Having her roll over onto her back, Jay firmly squeezes her boobs while having his talented tongue titillate her pert nipples before he moves down to tongue tango with her clitoris as she moans ecstatically. He then brings out a powerful vibrator which he adroitly uses on her bald pussy, asshole, and clitoris, sending her into an altered state of panting, moaning, squealing sexual delirium. Jay then has her get into doggie as he oils her up, pulling and kneading her back and butt muscles to stretch them to insure a good release. He then uses a vibrating dildo to reach those trigger points deep within her pussy while he licks her asshole and she whimpers, pants, and squeals, erupting in a moaning orgasmic release that leaves her limp, devoid of all tension. Another satisfied customer!