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Rose is a horny, tattooed, red headed, super fat, pale skinned corpulent cutie who has been craving Eric’s jumbo sized Johnson, so when he unfurls his pink cigar, she devours it with ravenous, wolfish hunger, doing her best to shove every stony inch down her gullet. Returning the favor, Eric uses his talented tongue to lick her bald honey pot, quickly bringing her to a moaning orgasm. He then fiercely plows his turgid tool into her garden of lecherous longings, unleashing an animalistic, screaming, full body, convulsing orgasm. Mounting her greedy hole onto his towering tool in cowgirl, her big fat ass frantically humps him as she races towards her libidinous nirvana with unbridled lust. She continues her obsessively wanton ride in reverse cowgirl, frenetically fingering her clit as he fires his meat missile into her and then rolls her into spoon, drilling his dick into her hungry hole as her screaming, gut-wrenching orgasmic deluge continues unabated. Once in doggie, he slams his beefy baton into her with fury, causing her to spew religious expletives as she moans ecstatically, exploding with a torrent of crying, screaming, banshee-like, all-consuming orgasmic tsunamis. Flipping her onto her back while holding one leg in the air, he continues pummeling her pussy, sending her into an intoxicated, dick-drunk sexual delirium, as one last volcanic orgasm erupts before he pulls out, drenching her face and tits with a monsoon of cum.