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Becki, a raven-haired corpulent cutie, is hurting all over, so she wisely seeks out the healing touch of Jay, our resident masseur’s magic fingers, in order to transmute her pain into pleasure. Laying this horny BBW face down onto his massage table, he slathers her in oil and begins kneading her flesh mounds like a baker kneading dough, with deep long strokes to release those deep kinks and knots while paying extra attention to her big fat ass. Only a true slut like Becki goes to get a massage wearing fishnet stockings, garters, and high heels, a fact not lost on Jay, who takes it as an invitation to add tongue and finger massage of her horny hooch into his therapy protocol: just the treatment that she really needs. Being a dedicated professional, Jay flips her over so he can bury his face between her mountainous mammaries to release her titty tension before letting his talented tongue do the tango with her tasty twat, which is just what the doctor ordered for this wanton wench. Being a Queen-sized, round ‘n’ raunchy fat girl, Jay realizes that he will need to go deep to release all of her kinks, so he brings out a vibrating dildo to slip into her quivering quim, to get at those hard to reach places as he licks and fingers her love button until she explodes with multiple, fierce, overpowering orgasms that take this happy harlot’s breath away. Being the conscientious health care provider that he is, Jay wants to insure that no sliver of unwanted tension remains, so he breaks out his industrial strength high powered vibrator, which should come with a kick starter because the hum sounds like that of an industrial table saw cutting into hardwood. But it does the trick, blowing her mind as well as yet another potent orgasm from her cock socket. Looking to stretch and relax her back and ass muscles, he positions her in doggie while continuing to work that monster vibrator on her gluttonous clitoris and licking her asshole, which brings her to one final over-the-top mother of all orgasms, leaving her limp as a wet noodle, not a bit of tension remaining--only the contented happy smile of a satiated slut.