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This reverse gang bang begins with a bevy of impatient, round ‘n’ raunchy fat girls servicing each other while they wait for Eric to show up. With Stazi confessing that she’s never been with a girl, Sami, Danni, and Bella play with her nipples and pussy. Her fires ablaze, Stazi decides to try licking Bella’s pussy while Sami and Danni spank, finger, and lick each other’s asses, moaning in orgiastic exultation. Bella then uses a mega vibrator on Stazi while Danni fucks Sami with a big black dildo, making both girls moan and scream with feral passions, unleashing two orgasmic tsunamis. Eric finally shows up, shocked at the debauched goings on until Bella licks his balls while Sami sucks and expertly deep throats his schlong, transforming him into a happy participant as Danni’s vibrator triggers a screaming, banshee-like orgasm from Stazi. Sami then ferociously humps Eric in cowgirl while Danni spanks Sami’s ass, bringing her to a screaming, volcanic orgasm. Being the valiant stud that he is, Eric moves from one to the other, generously sharing his dauntless dong in every conceivable position, with the girls licking, fingering, and vibrating anything that they can get at, filling the room with a cacophony of moaning, whorish rapture. Returning to Sami, he barbarically pummels her pussy in doggie, bringing her to a jaw-dropping, screaming, exorcism-worthy orgasm. For the finale, Eric lines the girls up on their knees, then jacks off, moving down the line to shower a geyser of goo onto all of their faces.