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Shanelle, is an amazonian, tall, big titted, redheaded, large bodied lass, in need of one of Jay’s unique massages. He examines her with hands, lips, and tongue, to find where her tensions are hiding, then lays her face down on his table naked, and oils her up, as he deeply kneads, and strokes her fatty flesh, with his magic fingers. Working down from her shoulders, to her big fat ass, focusing on it, with the concentration of a brain surgeon, spreading her ass cheeks wide, to lick her sweet asshole, while fingering her pussy, eliciting her euphoric moans. Oiling up her flip side, Jay squeezes her titanic tits, licking, and sucking her pert nipples, as she groans blissfully, then kneads her massive mounds of belly fat, on his way to her fur coated cunt, spreading her lips, while using his shamanic tongue massage, to release her stress. He then brings out a chrome vibrating dildo, to get at those hard to reach pressure points, deep within her snatch, while fingering her clit, as she moans ecstatically. Needing a more powerful tool, her brings out the mega magic wand vibrator, starting on her sensitive pert nipples, before masterfully using it on her pussy, in conjunction with his fingers and tongue, as she moans and cries out in orgiastic exultation. To stretch her back and butt, he puts her in doggie, licking her asshole, as he uses the wand on her pussy, which triggers a huge, moaning, screaming, volcanic orgasmic release, leaving her loose, limp, and completely satisfied.