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Velma’s a tall, blond, tattooed, super fat, heavy harlot with pierced nipples who’s come to see Jay, our resident masseur, to release the kinks of her sore muscles from too much sex work. Once she’s naked and lying flat on his table,, Jay oils her up and deeply strokes and kneads her fatty flesh like a baker kneading dough as she groans appreciatively. He pays special attention to her humongous ass, as he administers his special tongue massage to her puckered bunghole, but, once, he works his fingers into her gluttonous pussy, she erupts in an explosive, full-body, convulsing orgasm. Flipping her onto her back, he goes to work on her front, starting with her fabulous fun bags and working down over her abundant abdomen to her inner thighs and bald, hungry cock pocket. Realizing that she needs some deep tissue release, he brings out a vibrating dildo to tease her clit before working it into her cave of carnal wonders, which quickly elicits a gut-wrenching, screaming, banshee-like orgasm. To insure all the tension in her back and butt is released, he puts her in doggie for a good stretch, then uses his industrial-strength, heavy-duty vibrator on her clit while he tongues her asshole and fingers her pussy, unleashing a tsunami of orgasmic splendor that leaves her loose and limp as a wet noodle.