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In this Sapphic love fest, Big Tender, a ton of fun, tattooed, super fat, red headed, horny BBW enjoys her first girl/girl sexual experience with Samia, a tattooed, blond, large bodied lass with some truly titanic tits that Tender can’t keep her hands and mouth off of. The two amorously kiss and caress while stripping each other naked. Being the eager beaver-lover, Tender dives into Samia’s bald honey pot, licking and fingering her with ravenous hunger as she moans ecstatically. Samia returns the favor by licking and fingering Tender’s hairy pussy, eliciting elated, fervid moans. Samia grabs a large vibrating dildo to work into Tender’s gluttonous hole, quickly bringing her to a volcanic orgasm before Tender turns the tables, fucking her with it while licking her clit as she erupts in a screaming orgasm. Samia then grabs a giant vibrating magic wand, artfully working it over Tender’s love button to bring her to an explosive orgasm. Anxious to return the favor, Tender finger fucks Samia while using the wand on her clit, unleashing a moaning, screaming, gut-wrenching orgasm. Looking to mine another orgasmic jewel from her cave of carnal cravings, she keeps at it, putting her in doggie as she rubs the wand on her clit, unleashing a screaming, guttural orgasm. Wanting to share the experience, Samia puts Tender in doggie, finger fucking her while using the vibrator on her clit, which unleashes a torrent of moaning, panting, screaming, convulsing orgasms. Thrilled with her first time, Tender is eager for seconds.