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Peaches is a tons-of-fun, round ‘n’ raunchy black girl with some titanic tits and a voracious sexual appetite who has come to see if the Fuck 6000, our mechanical fucking machine, can satisfy her insatiable carnal cravings. After a brief Q&A, she strips, showing off her ample assets, then demonstrates her oral expertise on the 6000’s silicon dingus, getting off on its slowly, sensually fucking her mouth and tits. Laying back, she luxuriates in the 6000’s tirelessly plowing its faux prick into her garden of lecherous longings while she fingers her clit, moaning ecstatically. Consumed by her primal passions, she unleashes a torrent of moaning, howling, screaming orgasms in an endless libidinous deluge. Giving us a gander at her expansive rear view, she gets into doggie with 6000 continuing to drill its scepter of sexual debauchery deep into her gluttonous harlot’s hole, making her howl, squeal, and yelp like a bitch in heat, lost in lust as her raw, bestial orgasms continue to wash over her, catapulting her into an intoxicated, dick-drunk revelry.