Massage Time for Moon Baby - Jeff's Models

Channel: Jeff's Models

Moon Baby is a tall, tattooed, big-boobed brunette corpulent cutie who needs Jay, our resident masseur, to release some of her deep-seated tension. After a brief Q&A coupled with his hands and lips on exam, he lays her face down on his table, naked, deeply kneading and stroking her sore muscles and paying extra attention to her big fat ass. He then oils her up, fluidly sliding his hands over her mountainous mounds of fatty flesh, working deep into her back and butt as she moans ecstatically. Once she’s on her back, he firmly squeezes, massages, and suckles on her monumental mammaries before working down to her thunder thighs and bald, hungry harlot’s hole, slipping his finger inside to release her deep-seated tension as he frantically finger fucks her to a moaning, screaming orgasm. Grabbing a pink vibrator, he teases her pert nipples and then returns to her engorged monster clit, artfully driving her to the apex of moaning, libidinous nirvana, further fueled by his simultaneously licking her clit, which releases another screaming orgasm. Being a diligent masseur, Jay puts her in doggie to stretch her back and butt muscles while he uses a vibrating silver dildo to get at that hard-to-reach residual tension deep inside her, driving her into a moaning sexual delirium as he licks and fingers her asshole while fucking her voracious cunt with the vibrator, creating an all-encompassing orgasm that leaves her limp and satiated, drifting off to slumber dreaming of dicks.