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Baby Doll, is a blonde, big boobed, amazonian giantess, in need of Jay’s special massage. After his in depth exam, Jay lays her face down on his table naked, as he oils her up, letting his magic finger deeply stroke, knead, and penetrate, every fatty fold of flesh, to release her pent up tensions. Utilizing ancient, secret techniques, that he mastered at an Indian ashram, Jay focuses on deeply massaging her butt muscles, then fingering and tonguing her asshole and pussy, to stimulate those secret pressure points, eliciting euphoric moans. Once on her back, he oils up her front, firmly squeezing her jumbo fun bags, and licking her pert nipples, before working his way down her mountainous mounds of belly fat, to spread her thunder thighs, while deeply probing her bald cunt, with some fierce finger fucking, that triggers an intense, trembling, moaning orgasmic release. He then deeply probes her love canal, with a vibrating dildo, while licking and fingering her clit, to unleash another moaning squealing orgasm. Determined to release, all tension, he uses the mega powerful, magic wand vibrator on her pussy, inducing a volcanic, bone shaking, orgasmic upheaval. He then puts her in doggie, to stretch her back and butt, deeply kneading, stroking, and pulling her ass cheeks apart, then using the magic wand on her pussy, while licking and fingering her asshole, as she moans, and yelps ecstatically, as a monumental orgasmic tsunami engulfs her, leaving her loose, limp, and totally satisfied.