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Mia’s a big tattooed, black-haired corpulent cutie who has come to Jay for a his signature deep tissue massage, to release all of her deep kinks from having been doing two or three sex scenes a day. Jay has the steady hands of sexual surgeon, sensuously administering the deep-stroking, kneading, and massaging that her fleshy mounds require to release her inner sexual tensions. After administering his talented tongue massage of her puckered asshole, he sticks her in doggie to get a better stretch of her gluteus maximus, before laying her on her back to massage her massive mammaries and all points south. Being the dedicated masseur that he is, Jay uses a bright red vibrating dildo to get at those hard-to-reach places while he fingers her swollen clit. Then he breaks out his heavy duty vibrator to work her clit, while he works the vibrating dildo up her fleshy pussy until she explodes in ecstatic delight, with a king sized orgasm. Wanting to insure she has no remaining sexual tension left, he puts her in doggie to stretch her back muscles while licking her asshole and working the vibrator up her cunt, only to replace it with his talented fingers and tongue, which play her pussy and ass with the skill and aplomb of a violin virtuoso, filling the room with the sweet music of yet another screaming orgasm. All this leaves Mia limp as a wet noodle, having released all of her excess tension. A job well done, Jay!