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Moon Baby is a super-fat, brunette, tattooed corpulent cutie who has come to Jay, our resident masseur, to work out some of her kinks and stressors. Ever the diligent professional, Jay first thoroughly examines her with his hands, lips, and tongue while undressing her to discover where she’s holding her tensions. He lays her down on his table face-down naked as he oils her up, letting his magic fingers deeply probe, pull, and stroke her fabulous mounds of fatty flesh and she moans euphorically as he gives her big fat ass extra special attention, plunging his fingers deep into her hungry harlot’s hole to get at those deep pressure points while he gives her asshole a tongue massage. Flipping her onto her back, he oils up her mountainous mammaries, using his tongue to titillate her pert nipples and then trailing it down her monumental mounds of belly fat to her bald man trap as she moans ecstatically. Jay grabs a pink vibrating dildo to tease her clit and probe her deeply, churning her cauldron of decadent desires to a seething boil. He then puts her in doggie to stretch her butt and low back as he uses our monstrous, heavy-duty magic wand vibrator on her gluttonous pussy while tonguing her asshole, making her moan, howl, and yelp like a bitch in heat as she erupts in a volcanic, primal orgasm, releasing all of her pent up stress, which leaves her with a big, happy, relaxed, satiated smile on her face.