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Simone’s a gleefully perverse, big-boobed, brunette heavy honey. After a brief Q&A, we learn that this solo masturbation scene is her very first scene ever done on camera. After slowly stripping and posing for the camera, she begins to fondle her massive mammaries, pinching her pert nipples, which ignites her smoldering desires. Her fingers then work down to her bald hungry harlot’s hole as she leans back, stirring her cauldron of carnal cravings. She’s soon moaning ecstatically, lost in her private world, focused only on her own primal pleasures. She then grabs a long silver vibrating dildo, demonstrating her cock sucking expertise on it before turning it on and using it to titillate her engorged clit before fucking her hungry hole as she whimpers, groans, and moans, rhythmically fucking herself into a swooning, whorish rapture. Then she grabs a more powerful pink vibrator, starting on her pert nipples, then her rigid love button. Moaning ecstatically, she’s soon convulsing as waves of unbridled lust rush through her. Moving into doggie, she keeps the vibrator glued to her clit, humping it like a sex-crazed beast, her big beautiful fat ass jiggling as she does. Moaning, panting, and screaming, she erupts in an all-consuming, full body-convulsing, incredibly intense animalistic orgasm that is breathtaking to behold.