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Luna is an enticing, dark haired, big titted, tattooed, corpulent cutie, who rocks the sexy glasses look. Luna’s shoulder is sore from giving too many hand jobs, as are her other fuck muscles, so she seeks out Jay’s magic fingers to massage all her stress away. After a brief chat about her issues, Jay deftly examines her voluminous curves with his daring digits and talented tongue, then has her lie face down on his table. Oiling her up, Jay deeply massages her back and butt, but this incorrigible BBW slut can’t stop fondling his colossal cock through his pants. However, a consummate professional, he pulls away to give her asshole a little tongue massage. Then, flipping her onto her back, he oils her up, then massages her big belly and enormous tits like a baker kneads dough, while she suckles on his horse cock, taking it balls deep to massage those deep throat acupressure points, as he fingers her love button. Regaining his composure, he decides to use a vibrating dildo to give her some good vibrations, as he goes for a deeper release, while fingering her clit, making her moan ecstatically. Next, he firmly fucks her torrid twat while using the vibrator on her joy buzzer, bringing her to a jaw-dropping, screaming, soul-wrenching orgasm that blows her mind, leaving her with a big, hedonistic smile on her face.