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Stazi’s a redheaded, big-boobed, tons-of-fun corpulent cutie who has come to see Jay, our resident masseur, to work out some of the kinks from her overworked muscles. After a brief oral exam, Jay has her lie face down on his table, naked, and lets his magic fingers knead her fabulous mounds of fatty flesh like a baker kneads dough. Oiling her up, he slides his hands over her in long, deep strokes to release her tensions, eliciting satisfied groans of approval. After stroking and pulling her ass cheeks apart, he works a finger deep into her cave of carnal wonders to work that inner pressure point while giving her asshole a tongue massage for a greater release as she moans ecstatically. Flipping her over, he is mesmerized as he adoringly massages her mounds of fatty flesh and huge breasts working his way down to finger the sensitive clit of her bald honey pot before grabbing a pink vibrator for a more intense release. As he masterfully works the vibrator on her clit, a deep guttural groan rolls up from deep within her, culminating in an extremely long, screaming, all-consuming, gut-wrenching orgasm. He puts her in doggie to get a good stretch as he works her ass and low back with deep kneading strokes before working a dildo into her moist quim while fingering her clit with one hand and using the other to finger her asshole, inducing another screaming, eyes-rolling-back, gut-wrenching orgasm that leaves her satiated and limp as a wet noodle.