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Nikky is a blond, big-boobed large-bodied lass who wants one of Jay’s infamous massages. After a jovial greeting and Q&A, he undresses her while deeply probing her fatty folds for pockets of tension before burying his face in her big fat ass to lick her asshole, which he swears has medicinal value. With her lying face down naked and oiled up on his table, she moans euphorically as his magic fingers deeply knead her fatty flesh like a baker kneads dough. He deeply pulls her ass cheeks apart to lick her asshole, releasing her sexual tension as she moans ecstatically. Once oiled up and lying on her back, he squeezes her monumental mammaries to their bursting point while licking her pert nipples before deeply stroking her mountainous mounds of belly fat. Having a tool for all occasions, he applies a pink vibrator first to her nipples then to her throbbing clit before plunging it into her cave of carnal cravings while he deftly fingers and licks her clit, sending her into a moaning, wailing sexual delirium as she erupts in volcanic, screaming orgasms. Jay next expertly applies his industrial-strength monster vibrator to her hungry, hairless hooch, stirring her cauldron of lascivious longings to a moaning, squealing, seething boil. He then puts her in doggie to stretch her butt and back muscles while gluing his monster vibe to her clit as he licks her asshole, triggering a massive, moaning, screaming orgasmic tsunami that leaves her with a big smile on her face, totally loose, limp, and satisfied.