Boss Up Risa - Plumper Pass

Channel: Plumper Pass

Risa Chacon is once again working late at the office. She´s lonely and horny, so she calls her man for some kinky phone sex. Liam King, the office custodian, enters Risa's office for the usual clean up, not realizing that Risa is masturbating behind her desk. Upon noticing what she's doing, Liam attempts to leave, but Risa instructs him to stay and finish the job. Liam can´t help but watch the boss getting naughty on the job while he struggles to focus on cleaning her office. Risa, craving more than just some phone sex, shoves Liam´s face in her pussy and has her custodian finish another job for her: giving her the late-night dicking she´s been craving!