Dreaming on Xstacy - Plumper Pass

Channel: Plumper Pass

Asante Stone was up late one night looking for some new models for Plumper Pass when he realizes that he should try and recruit his favorite BBW cam babe Erika Xstacy. I don't blame him, she's smoking hot with all her tats, those light eyes, and those big ass titties. Suddenly there's a knock at the door and low and behold there stud Erika in a sexy blue dress just aching to be fucked. Asante can't believe his eyes, but isn't going to hesitate jamming his big black cock deep in her wet pussy, just how she likes it. Asante is having the time of his life and busts all of her face. Awesome! He then wakes up and realizes that he just had the best BBW dream of his life.