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23344 – The biggest surprise of 2019? It may well be the return of Africa Sexxx. We missed Africa, who last modeled in 2007, and thought that was the end of her modeling stint as time went by.

When Africa sent in her at-home snaps and wrote that she wanted to model again, we admit that we were shocked at the size of her tits and surprised to hear from her after so many years.

Africa’s breasts grew from 32G to 40M. It’s unbelievable. Any man’s head can be buried between those sucklers, and forget about his dick. A search party would be needed to find a cock lost between her tits.

Africa asked our photographer Jose for a baseball cap. Africa used to be able to stick both boobs into a cap and suspend it. She wanted to try it on-camera. Now one boob can’t fit.

Hat trick completed, Africa gives Donnie a neck and face massage that no one could ever get at their local spa. She gets on top of him in bed and pulls his jeans down to lick, suck and boob-rub his cock. Her deep throating skills are… Read More »

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