A Hot Rain - XL Girls

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It's Quinn Rain's first time at XL Girls. The plump and cute little redhead boasts a 34K bustline. That's a good thing to boast about. "A male family friend would whisper to me that I should contact The SCORE Group and that my bustiness would be perfect for them," Quinn said. That's rare but it does happen. The dad of Chloe Rose's best guy friend told her she should do the same thing. "I began to develop in sixth grade but I was homeschooled. I was the bustiest girl in school when I finally went to high school but I was a Goth girl so I think I scared all the boys away." Quinn buys her bras on the web, not off the racks in stores. "I like to shop online, exclusively UK brands. Sometimes I sew my own so I guess fashion school was worth something.

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