Amiee Roberts: Oil Me Up & Down - XL Girls


24418 - It was a windy day in Miami and even windier by the water, but that didn't stop XL Girls from asking Amiee Roberts to wear a bikini and head out for the afternoon. Amiee gives us a hot body show, swinging her pendulous 40H pontoons and spreading her pink pussy. The camera swoops in up-close to explore Amiee's fleshy pussy, closer than her gynecologist would get. After smiling Amiee has fingered her shaved snatch and popped her fingers into her mouth to taste her juices, the show's not over. Pouring a bottle of oil on her big tits, Amiee rubs the stuff in good, her boobs shining in the Miami sun. Amiee is asked if she likes guys or girls. She says she's definitely into guys. "I'm a guy kind of chick," says Amiee. And what's the first thing a guy asks Amiee for if he's lucky enough to get her into bed? "They ask me to suck their cocks." And on a scale of 1-to-10, how does Amiee rate herself at that? "I think I'm a 10," Amiee says. "I think I've mastered it." Read More »

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Download this from XL Girls