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24462 - Annabelle Rogers catches her man secretly texting another woman. Here come the fireworks. He denies it but he can't talk his way out of this. She angrily snatches the phone out of his hand and tosses it away. Hell hath no fury..., ya know. "You were fucking messaging that slut!" Annabelle yells. By the way, Annabelle is wearing a short, low-cut dress that shows off massive, forward-thrusting cleavage and her sensational curves. Who needs a side-piece with a babe like this at home? Annabelle takes Mr. Rogers' balls out of his pants and gets a firm grip on them. "Say these balls are mine," Annabelle demands, his nuts in her hand. "She can't have them. Text that slut and tell her that I own your fucking balls. Do you know how much control I have over you?" Annabelle does have him by the balls. Continuing to prove her point, Annabelle pulls his pants down and kneels to worship his cock and nuts with her mouth and hands, sucking his dick and massaging his balls. She makes him lie on the… Read More »

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Download this from XL Girls