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24460 - "A friend of mine recommended XL Girls to me. He said 'I think they'd love you!'" Emma Lilly told us. "I can't say for certain if I had the biggest breasts in school but it honestly wouldn't surprise me to find out I did! I remember looking at other girls and wishing I could wear some of the cute things they wore, like spaghetti straps and empire waists. "If I want a bra that fits I have to order from special online retailers for women with larger breasts. Something I noticed is that most of these places sell very basic bras. When I find a retailer selling cute bras for big girls I will go bankrupt. "I love to masturbate and I usually do so several times a day. I have been obsessed from the very first time. I remember being a teenager and thinking 'No boy will ever be able to figure out how to get me off.' I have explored my sexuality a lot over time and have been interested in a lot of fetishes. I am a try anything--well, almost anything--once type of girl. BDSM, erotic hypnosis,… Read More »

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Download this from XL Girls