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24450 - The very talented and lovely Ivanna Lace gives you the guided tour of her place and of her beautiful, plush bod. Miss Lace is really great with a video camera, just one of her many skills. She shows us her kitchen and then invites us to watch her shower. This is an offer no man can refuse, especially since Ivanna takes a very erotic shower, playing with those tits we all love so much. After Ivanna dries off, she invites us to her bedroom and it's not to watch television. Ivanna's shower didn't cool her down a bit. Her big boobs quivering, she fingers and tickles her pussy first and follows up with a hot toy fuck. One of the most-popular girls at XL Girls, Ivanna's very hospitable and seeing her at home is a special treat. Here's a girl who can charm the birds out of the trees. Read More »

Download this video from XL Girls
Download this from XL Girls