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It's our pleasure to chat with Roxanne Miller at home in Romania. XLGirls: How is life right now in Romania? Roxanne: Life in Romania is usually pretty decent for me. I have three businesses I am working on: camming, photography and content creation. I work a lot because I love what I do and I wouldn't be able to give up any of those. For others, it's been great and for others it's been nasty. It depends a lot on the level of education and profession. So many people have been at home in a country where people live from paycheck to paycheck. XLGirls: What is a day with Roxanne Miller like at this time? Roxanne: I spend my days between work and my family. I am an indoor cat so it didn't bother me that much to be stuck in the house. I preferred to be safe and not become a potential carrier since the building I live in has so many old people. So at night time I go online, then the morning is playtime. In the afternoons I shoot videos for myself or some photos in a… Read More »

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