Bikini Buster! - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls
Pornstars: Sarah Rae

20928 - This is a first. The first time Sarah Rae's been photographed outdoors and the first time she's ever worn and field-tested a bikini at XL Girls. And when Sarah Rae field-tests a bikini top, it's one of the natural wonders. A citizen of Big Titty Island, Sarah Rae's been a regular citizen at XL Girls since 2012. She's one of the world's foremost nipple self-suckers, an inspiration to Roxee Robinson. When Sarah's not filling the lens with her 36K knockers, she likes to spend her free time camping, going to the beach (in bikinis?), and cultivating her orchids. "I get tons of attention when I go out," says Sarah. "I love it! Having big boobs is awesome. I feel special and unique because of them." After trying on bikinis, Sarah goes for a dip in a cool pool..because stuffing giant tits into bikini tops makes a room very hot. .

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Download this from XL Girls