CJ Woods At The Car Wash - XL Girls

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Welcome to the XL Girls car wash, where horny, plump babes get wet and clean your auto at the same time. CJ Woods will service your car today. You can even sit inside and watch her press her big tits against the glass. When CJ is done, she's in need of some hand relief so she heads inside to slap out an orgasm in cool comfort. A girl gets hot washing cars. XLGirls: Now, you said you watch your XL Girls videos at home? CJ Woods: I do. They turn me on when I'm watching them with someone and it usually leads to sex. I also see ways to improve myself. Until I came here, no one had ever seen me having sex. Now hundreds of guys have and some women too, I'm sure. XLGirls: But becoming a nude model hasn't changed your personality? CJ Woods: Not at all.

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