Emma's Juicy Fruits - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Who's smitten with this T&A kitten? Smiley Emma is that kind of awesome. She's from Canada, the second of two great girls from our great neighbor to the north. For some reason, we don't find many XL Girls from Canada. We learned a lot about Emma in her video chat. You'd be smiling a lot too if she was your squeeze. And while we're on the subject of squeezing, Emma's got some juicy fruits to play with in this scene. Emma prides herself on being the woman-next-door, approachable and the real deal. That she is but there's a huge difference between the average woman-next-door and a super-woman and Emma is every inch a super-woman. "I love all the attention and all the appreciation I get, when I'm out and about and when I'm online. I am genuine and I like guys to be the same," said Emma, who lives up to her nickname.