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cup boobs and 165 pounds of luscious curves make her the subject of male admiration in her neighborhood. "I like the looks I get when I go out," Halina tells us. "Maybe the clothes I wear are a help." No question about that but Halina could wear anything and still have all eyes on her. Halina didn't talk all that much about sex or masturbation. "It is very personal," she said. Halina decided to show us her masturbatory skills instead, using one of her toys. "Of course I love to have sex with guys. I like it often. Playing with a toy before going to sleep satisfies me also." The photographer noted that Halina was a lot of fun during her shoots. "Halina has a lively sense of humor and a friendly personality. The camera captures this side of her. I think she appreciates that guys want to see her photos and videos." Read More »

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