Krissy Gets Trained - XL Girls

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Mr. Neeo likes to train his women the old-fashioned European way. He is a total control freak. XL Girl Krissy Dawson is his trainee. He massages handfuls of Krissy's big tits, removing her bra to further examine her globes of joy. Krissy gets laid across his knees for a spanking. His spank-hand leaves a red mark on her large, pale ass-cheeks. Krissy doesn't speak except for the occasional moaning. She's maneuvered onto her knees. She knows what's coming. She opens her sweet mouth in anticipation as Neeo pulls his dick out of his pants and feeds it to her. Krissy sucks his cock hard and licks his balls. She sucks it until he is satisfied. Mr. Neeo continues to train Krissy. After he releases Krissy, he fucks her tits and mouth again. After savoring the sight and feel of his cock in Krissy's mouth and between her breasts, Mr. Neeo feels it's time to fuck-train her and complete the process of making her his bitch. Krissy is ready for this and assumes the position for a hard drilling… Read More »