Oil Spill - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls
Pornstars: Ann Calis

20571 - Ann Calis spends the day at a spa. But not any ordinary spa. At this spa, they let our girls get naked, get oily, play with their big tits and toy their wet pussies. It's the greatest spa ever built. Ann gets liberal with her bottle of oil and douses her gorgeous body. Look for some wild boob swinging at the 8:45 mark. "I enjoy my body and how I look now," said Ann who's gone from V-Girl to XL Girl in the time she's been away from the modeling scene. Now she's got the look. "I love my nice, bigger boobs and my hips. Everything to me that means 'Woman.'" Ann has to go to bra specialty stores to find what she needs to support her heavy mams.

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Download this from XL Girls