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Pornstars: Amiee Roberts

20751 - If we know Amiee Roberts as well as we think we do, she'll be watching this oily massage and canoodling sexperience. As Amiee told us, "I will watch it and watch it alone. I like it better that way." Amiee introduces this scene and speaks to the camera before her date arrives to get real busy with her enormous breasts and plush body. "I'm going to give you an instructional video on how to do a massage but not just any massage, an oily massage for a beautiful, big, curvy woman like me. I mean, you can't just have your man come home and expect him to give you a massage. You really have to get him in the mood. So you gotta get a little sexy for him. Like this." With a snap of her fingers, Amiee starts to examine her lush body. Peter enters the bedroom and gets his magic-fingers massage from Amiee, and then rubs her the right way, tit for tat. And when they're oiled and heated-up, Amiee gives Peter's cock some tender lovin' care with her magic mouth, massive mams and horny hooch.

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Download this from XL Girls