Stacked and Soaped - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls
Pornstars: Nila Mason

20877 - Nila Mason's cameraman asks Nila her name as a matter of editorial protocol, not because he's breast-blitzed. After all, he's leveled his lens at her amazing boobs and lovely pussy a bunch of times. It's close to impossible not to be boob-drunk being in Nila's presence. We'd forget our own names if we were in the shower with an XL Girl. Nila grants him and his camera permission to hang with her while she showers, soaps, dries off and moisturizes (an important step, we say). Watch Nila do her magic act. Explore her super-natural body and see her get breastfully clean in this Bonus video. What a doll! Nila leaves her slip on when she turns-on the tap, so at first her showering is like a wet-Tee show as her slip turns translucent. When Nila peels it off her sexy bod, it's hooter-heaven time.

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Download this from XL Girls