The Best of Feed Her Fuck Her 2 - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls
Pornstars: Daphne Carter Glory Foxxx

21018 - The Best of Feed Her Fuck Her 2 stars two XL Girls who play the feeder game, a fetish or sub-category within the BBW category. In this category, guys load up their girls with rich foods to add on the pounds, their philosophy being bigger is better and heavier is hotter. The key to this thing is that the guy hand-feeds the girl. In part one, brunette sexbomb Glory Foxxx wakes up in her hotel room and is ravenous so she calls room service for a massive breakfast. And she wants the waiter to feed her in bed. He's happy to serve the guest in every way, and feeds her his cock too. They leave the food tray on the bed so Glory can help herself while he fucks her in a rich menu of bang-bang positions. It's a very highly caloric morning for Glory. In part two, blonde baby doll Daphne Carter tells her X-Man what she loves to eat: "Corn on the cob, chicken, sweet tater, mashed taters.." He serves it up to Daphne, feeding her by hand. He puts some mashed potatoes on her big boobs and licks it off, gives her a big piece of chicken to bite into and then feeds her his man-sausage.

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