Underwater Floaters - XL Girls

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Pornstars: Laddie Lynn

20958 - It's almost always hot and sunny in scenic Miami and equally hot, sunny and scenic is newcomer Laddie Lynn. Today is one of those picture perfect South Florida days and since it's so hot, bikini-clad Laddie Lynn goes for a dip in our cool pool. That motivates XL Girls to get Laddie's underwater boobs on-camera. Fantastic! Yes, we have a two-track mind, three when you include the ass. Does Laddie get a lot of attention because of her heavy hangers? Or is this not a good quiz show question? "I don't think I get a lot of attention because of my chest," Laddie replied. "Nobody ever believes me when I say that." We don't believe her either. Like most top-blessed girls, Laddie doesn't wear a bra at home. "I generally wear a bra but I sometimes wear a baggy sweater so I don't have to. I dress conservatively when I go out. I hate for people around me to be uncomfortable or give me extra attention." In that case, Laddie should spend more time at XL Girls.

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