A Big Surprise For XLGirl Tessa Orlov - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Tessa Orlov is alone and painting her nails when Steve enters the room with an armful of gift-wrapped boxes for Tessa. Tessa is delighted. Does Steve, whose eyes are glued to Tessa's big tits, get a reward? He sure does. XLGirls: What have men done for you to try to impress you? Tessa Orlov: Usually men rarely try to do anything to impress me. Some told me that they thought "Such a beauty will never be with me. She probably already has a boyfriend." But a few tried to take care of me, gave me flowers and gifts, arranged gorgeous dates and surprises. XLGirls: Have you shown your photos and videos to any male friends? Tessa Orlov: Yes. Men are very surprised and excited. They immediately try to get me into bed. XLGirls: How different are regular guys at sex compared to the porn guys in your scenes? Tessa Orlov: Porn guys are very well groomed. They always smell nice. They look perfect. They are also very polite. XLGirls: How… Read More »