A View To A Shag - XL Girls

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Samantha Sanders is getting impatient. Where's her boy-toy? She wants a shag and she wants it now. You don't keep a woman like this waiting. This dude's making us look bad. Finally, her booty call shows up and gives Sam the hard boning she deserves. Sam gets the cum on her big boobs as promised and all is forgiven. XLGirls: Sam, what's your big sexual fantasy? Samantha: A knight on a big white horse to sweep me off my feet and make passionate love to me. XLGirls: We've got the guys but not the horse. What satisfies you best in bed? Samantha: I love oral and hard fucking. XLGirls: How often do you get it? Samantha: It depends. Sometimes two or three times a week. XLGirls: How do you like to get warmed up? Samantha: Oral and 69. XLGirls: And your favorite position? Samantha: Doggie.