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Over the years, we've explained how and why girls get into photo and video modeling at The SCORE Group. Did you ever wonder how and why girls get into web-camming? Everyone has to have some starting point, a motivating reason for putting a camera in their homes and, at the very least, showing their tits and pussies. Angel DeLuca explains the things you may have wondered about web-camming, especially if you're new to it. The one-on-one and group interaction online is completely different from the real world strip club scene. Angel's a cam-girl who made the leap into professional photo and video shoots, both solo and XXX hardcore (her first solo and her first boy-girl scenes were at The SCORE Group), and doing that helps to widen her exposure and her fan base. What does Angel's cam-audience want to see her do the most? What can you expect when you go into Angel's cam room? How did she start? She'll tell you and more. Thank you, Angel DeLuca! .