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Slow-motion boobs ahead! Please note: if you are easily put into a trance by bouncing breasts, Annabelle Rogers' incredible pair will knock you out. Once an au pair, Annabelle found her calling as a foxy model. Beautiful, big-boobed and sexually adventurous, Annabelle has a horny imagination. She loves toys and did a fuck machine scene at SCORELAND. Here, she plugs her sweet pink pussy with assorted vibrators and dildos. A TSG staff member spotted Annabelle and got in touch with her. At first, she thought he was a scam artist because she gets lots of "photographers" wanting to meet her. "Growing up, I was always very confident, so I kinda always got attention from guys," Annabelle said. "I've never felt shamed because of my boobs. They've always made me feel very sexy and empowered and unique. I don't know if there was ever a time when I thought, 'Oh, I've got it.' I always thought I had it. Maybe in high school, if I had to pick a particular time." Read More »