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Antica has quickly grown accustomed to the XLGirls camera for someone who had never considered even fully-clothed modeling and is bringing sexy to her moves. In her videos (this is the fourth), it's obvious by the way she swings her legs and shimmies her body that she has dancing in her background. Antica is now fingering herself while completely naked as she did in her third video. Antica even answered some of our pervy questions. What sexually satisfies you the best? "Cunnilingus." How often do you have sex? "Once per week." What is your favorite position? "69." What and/or where was your kinkiest sexual encounter? "In an elevator." Have you ever had a sexual encounter with another girl? "Yes! We were young and drunk." Have you ever had sex in public? "No, it's against my nature." Do you like anal play or anal sex? "Totally no!" Have you ever been in a three-way? "Still no, but sometimes I think about it.".