Back in Black - XL Girls

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"Would you like to punish me?" coyly asks the ultra-seductive Suzumi Wilder, her astounding body poured into a black fetishy dress. Suzumi whacks her ass with a paddle. Yes, you would like to punish Suzumi but not with a paddle. Your cock is a better tool for that. Ultra-hot and ultra-horny (her "Grand Theft Anal" scene rocked it), Suzumi's boobs, pussy and ass show is another winner. This girl has the magic, a gorgeous face and a perfect bod. Any man would be proud to play Final Fantasy with gamer-girl Suzumi, preferably on the same couch. What does Suzumi do for fun and for hobbies? "My hobbies include art. I love to paint and draw in either charcoals or regular pencils. I love to play video games.