Backstage Bra Show - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Peyton Thomas is now going to show you the contents of her suitcase at the XL Girls studio, specifically her big brassieres. They're 40N-cups. Of the first bra she takes out and holds up, Peyton says, "It doesn't look big to me but to everyone else, it looks huge." And that's the sweater-stretching truth! "Which one is your favorite?" Peyton is asked. Peyton pulls out a purple one. She bought it in a small lingerie store in Michigan. Each cup is bigger than a Naughty Neighbor Girl's ass. Everything you'd want to know about Peyton and her major-league bras (and her future bra plans) are in this Bonus XL Girls video. Watching this will create the urge to suckle.