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Charlotte Angel, dressed in a body stocking and high heels, waits by the window for a cock daddy. It's the middle of the afternoon on a sunny day but Charlotte has a hot sex date. A thick, saucy, dark-eyed brunette with a rich booty and sumptuous boobs, Charlotte needs a strong, controlling dude to give her the kind of action that gets her off. She's got that today. Ripping her body stocking, JMac dominates Charlotte in every second of their sex connection, squeezing her soft flesh, power-fucking her and filling her mouth. As the heat rises and the thermometer is about to pop, JMac scoops Charlotte up in one swift move and places her on the floor so he can pile-drive her. He orders her to kneel and hold up her heavy jugs so he can splatter them. She cleans his dick off with her tongue and licks her cum-covered tits. He feeds her what's left with his fingers, making sure she's eaten all of his jizz. XLGirls: So, Charlotte, where do you usually like a guy to cum? Do you like facials, swallowing, pops on your boobs or internally? Charlotte: I'm all about swallowing but it's such a turn on to watch them cum on my boobs. XLGirls: Do the studs guide you? Charlotte: Yeah, they are awesome! It can be kind of intimidating trying to figure out the angles and stuff when you shoot and they are all really great about just nudging me in the right direction.