Cami's Fantasies Cum True - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

A MILF with big, 38G-cup tits, Cami Cooper is a Kansas mom who was encouraged by a friend to connect with XL Girls. So she did. Since Cami debuted, she's gotten into online voice calls and texts and has a Twitter page. Now she's going to bonk Tarzan's brains out. In return, he'll give Cami a facial cum bath. Cami starts the show with domestic duties, vacuuming the carpet and making the bed as she waits for her fuck-man. "I don't know much about being a housewife," Cami tells us. "I do a few things like keep the bed made, do the laundry a little bit, vacuum..but you know, it's not really my favorite thing to do." So what is Cami's favorite thing to do? Let's guess. "My favorite thing to do is instead of making the bed, let's mess the bed up. I like to..fuck, I like to give blow jobs.