Demora Avarice: For The Love Of Huge Boobs - XL Girls

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Demora Avarice takes one giant breast out of her teddy and the one-boob-out, one-boob-in pose creates an eye-popping contrast. Soon both massive, beautifully shaped tits are out for you and Demora to enjoy. She gets into bed to play with them while she speaks in a soothing, sexy bedroom voice. "I'm a simple gal," Demora tells us. "I love waterfalls and the beach. In general, I don't have a ton of preferences but I can have fun with all sorts of things. I love the beach and amusement parks, especially Disney World." The amount of attention Demora gets when she's in public must be off the charts. Judging by the comments Demora inspires on XLGirls, many of the members are totally flummoxed when they see her videos and photos, and most of them have seen thousands of photos of busty women. Read More ยป